Introducing Our Next Expert Auto Expert

Are you having car troubles and don’t have time to take a trip to your nearest auto shop? Do you want to change your oil or clean your battery terminals? Well you’ve come to the right place! Ditty is launching a new Auto Repair Service and in this blog post we will be introducing our new auto expert: Jash Patel.

Jash Patel is your consummate automotive guy. He has been involved with multiple aspects of the automotive industry for more than 10 years. He went to school to train as an automotive engineer. During his time at school he worked at a used car dealership on weekends to pay his tuition for university. While he worked there he engaged with and managed all aspects of running a car dealership. 

While Patel was in graduate school he started and ran his own mobile car detailing business. He then worked for 6 years at Ford Motor Company as an engineer and was  involved with the development of the latest Ford Mustang. He has been a trained automotive consultant since 2016 and has helped multiple clients purchase their dream car. Patel started his own YouTube channel, Virar Automotive in 2018 to help car owners learn essential skills and do basic maintenance on their cars. Some of his most popular videos include guides that teach you how to fix common car issues such as a faulty and power outlets in Hyundai Elantra cars. Along with his YouTube channel and car buying consulting business, he has been involved in vehicle sourcing for car dealerships since 2021.

You can keep up with Jash Patel/call him directly on Ditty:

Ditty: App | Youtube: virarautomotive | Instagram: virarautomotive | Facebook: VirarAutomotive

About Ditty: Ditty helps you with your home service needs by connecting you with highly skilled experts over video calls at an affordable price instantly. With Ditty you won’t have to wait for an expert to come to your home nor will you need to pay high prices ever!

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