Ditty Enterprise Solution

Build a Rockstar remote customer interaction team with Ditty

Build your customer interaction team in seconds.

Enable your customers to discover your customer service representatives, sales representatives or quality inspectors online.

Customers can directly view these experts and call to get their questions answered.

Advance AI to support customers faster and solve their problems quicker


Main features for companies:

  • Company tailored app experience for the customer
  • Profile setup for the customer service reps
  • Hourly rate setting for customer service reps
  • Instant customer reviews & ratings
  • Unlimited calling minutes
  • High definition calling
  • Call recording and analysis
  • Advance AI assistance for customers to finding their answers


Where companies use Ditty products:

– Companies with customer support representatives to assist their customers

– Companies providing quality inspection services, Home appraisal services and other inspections services remotely

–  Companies who want to build remote Sales Representative teams

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